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8 Things to Consider on How to Find Good Products to Dropship

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You’ve already set your goals on starting a dropshipping business, and you’re now in the process of choosing the best products to dropship. While it’s tempting to stuff your e-commerce store with whatever product your dropshipping supplier offers, strategizing what to include in your online store is a must.

Statistics show that 62.8% of dropshipping stores are in the United States. But on a global scale, there are approximately more than 1 million dropshippers worldwide! With all this competition, simply selling anything in your dropshipping store won’t make you cut through the noise.

If you want to gain an edge over your competitors and earn more profits, here are essential dropshipping tips to follow especially when you’re contemplating how to find good products to dropship.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Dropshipping Products

Those new in the dropshipping business often make this mistake—they just upload every dropshipping product they find in their e-commerce store. But the truth is, it’s only killing their biz. 

Including various dropshipping items without any direction or plan will only result in wasted time, energy, and effort. So, if you don’t want your online store to flop, consider implementing the following dropshipping tips when choosing the best products to dropship:

1. Choose a product niche you know and like.

Our first piece of advice is to choose a product niche you’re passionate about. We know we always talk about selling winning products. However, if you don’t know anything about the product you’re about to sell, you won’t be able to market it effectively.

For example, you want to sell Android phones in your dropshipping store since smartphones offer higher profits. But the problem is, you’re not into tech stuff. Sure, you can just copy and paste the product description provided by your dropshipping supplier—but what if every dropshipper does that? How can you stand out? On the flip side, if you’re a techie individual, you won’t have any problems creating unique and better product descriptions and more attention-grabbing creatives.

choose product niche you know
Choose a Product Niche You Know and Like (Image Source)

Another problem that may arise in selling a product you don’t know is delivering poor customer service. Remember that your dropshipping supplier is only responsible for packing and shipping products. But answering customer queries? It’s all on you. If a potential customer asks about your product, you may be unable to answer them immediately and correctly. Failing to provide accurate product details can make your customers feel disappointed. Worse, they may doubt the credibility of your e-commerce store and think you’re a dropshipping scam

Want to save your dropshipping store’s image and reputation? Then only sell products you know and like.

2. Consider the market demand and competition.

Once you’ve decided on a product niche, check the market demand and competition. You want to sell a particular product, but do your target customers want it? Even if you have the best products and promote them every single day, if there’s no demand for them, you won’t be making enough sales.

And what about the market competition? If several people are selling the same products, it will be harder for you to position your item’s unique selling points. And the only way for you to compete in a super-saturated market is to lower your product’s price. 

3. Include products that offer good profit margins.

Some dropshippers think it’s okay to offer products that have low profit margins since dropshipping doesn’t require much effort, and there’s no harm in it anyway. That may be true, especially if the product with a low profit margin is raking high volumes of sales for your e-commerce store. But if it isn’t, this can limit your business’s financial flexibility and increase your risk of operating at a loss in the long run.

profitable dropshipping products
Include Products That Offer Good Profit Margins (Image Source)

It’s important to remember that a good profit margin varies by industry and business size. Investopedia says if you’re a small business, a profit margin between 7-10% is already fair. But anything lower than this can put your business at risk of unsustainability.

But what types of products offer good profit margins? Yahoo Finance mentioned that the pandemic and current economic inflation status have affected what people buy, making them spend more on health supplements, groceries, and cleaning supplies.

It’s always a great idea to include popular and trending products in your dropshipping store, as this can provide you with immense profits. Most e-commerce sellers charge a markup percentage between 100%-200% for a trending product, while some even go beyond that.

Do you remember the air fryer trend in 2022? Although the first air fryer already existed in 2010, this household appliance only became globally popular in the last quarter of 2022. Thanks TikTok! In Asia, the cost of an air fryer during its trending days was between $100-$200. But since its trend mellowed down, you can now find air fryers that only cost $15-$20.

Selling trending products is really encouraging. But we don’t recommend dropshippers blindly selling popular products that are completely irrelevant to their niche. If your e-commerce store focuses on selling health supplements, avoid selling electronics just because there’s a current trending item within that category. Doing so could only lead to confusion among your customers or, worse, loss of trust and brand loyalty.

5. Sell useful and eye-catching products.

In one of our dropshipping tips, we have mentioned that selling trending products is one of the best ways to earn more money. But there’s a downside to it. Once that trend already dies, your sales, too, will drop. So, instead of chasing and relying on the sales made by popular products, it’s wiser to also include useful and eye-catching items in your dropshipping store.

useful and eyecatching dropshipping products
Sell Useful and Eye-Catching Products (Image Source)

If a product is useful and eye-catching, even if it’s not trending, you’re guaranteed to make consistent sales every month. Selling useful products also helps boost the sustainability of your business operations. Compared to trending products, useful items are often designed with greater quality and durability. Moreover, they’re meant to solve a customer’s needs for a longer period. 

6. Pick items that aren’t easily found in a local store.

Putting up a dropshipping store doesn’t mean that e-commerce shops are your only competition. Local stores are your competition, too. Why would a customer order from your e-commerce store if they can just buy it from a local shop nearby? Although a local shop’s items might be pricier than yours, they can provide their customers with immediate gratification since they allow them to take home their purchased items at once.

So, how can you prevent potential customers from buying from a local shop? It’s simple. Sell what they don’t sell. The beauty of having a dropshipping biz is you can find several unique items to sell without needing big capital. You just need to team up with the right dropshipping supplier to find awesome products for your e-commerce store.

7. Go for products with good quality.

Of course, it’s okay to sell products that are only decent in quality as long as you clearly state them in the product description. But here’s the thing. There are a lot of customers out there who will give you a low rating if they’re not satisfied with the product quality. Yes, even if they only bought the item for a very cheap price.

To make your customers happy, only offer products with good quality. Even if you don’t have any inventory, you can assess the product quality by reading customer reviews or watching video testimonials and user-generated content.

8. Take into account the product’s size, weight, and material. 

Although you’re free to sell big and heavy items in your dropshipping store, these can deter your potential customers. That’s because larger and heavier items account for increased shipping fees. Moreover, the hefty shipping fees are usually covered on the seller’s side, resulting in lower profit margins.

Also, it’s best to avoid selling fragile products. Items made of glass and ceramics can be easily broken if not packaged properly. If your customer has received a damaged item, the return and refund processes can be quite a hassle.

Examples of Profitable Products to Dropship in 2024

Now that you’ve learned several things to consider on how to find good products to dropship, we’ll share a quick list of winning products that will help drive more revenue to your dropshipping store. Here are a few examples:

1. Clothes

The clothing industry has suffered a setback during the pandemic. Who would buy new clothes when you’re only at home? But post-pandemic, people are doing their “revenge shopping.” This is a great opportunity to sell clothes in your dropshipping store as people miss going out, and their old clothes might not fit them anymore. You can sell tops, bottoms, dresses, undergarments, jackets, sleepwear, scarves, hats, sportswear, or shoes.

clothes profitable dropshipping products
Profitable Dropshipping Products: Clothes (Image Source)

2. Beauty products

The beauty industry is booming—thanks to social media! With several beauty influencers around, more women, especially millennials and Gen Zs are buying more beauty products that can help improve their hair and skincare routine. So, don’t miss this opportunity to sell makeup, moisturizers, cleansers, sunscreens, shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks.

3. Home and kitchen items

Other profitable dropshipping products to sell are home and kitchen items. Several homes, hotels, cafes, restaurants, and event venues are always in need of appliances, cleaning supplies, interior displays, furniture, cookware, kitchen utensils, and more.

4. Baby products

As family planning and contraceptives become available for all, the global birth rate has been on the decline. Moreover, most families today only choose to have one child or none at all. But this doesn’t mean that the baby industry is a dying market. With the industry becoming less saturated, this is your chance to penetrate the industry and start selling baby products. Instead of focusing on selling newborn clothes and common baby paraphernalia, you can dropship smart baby monitors, baby tech gadgets, modular baby furniture, and interactive baby toys.

baby items profitable dropshipping products
Profitable Dropshipping Products: Baby Items (Image Source)

5. Pet supplies

Today’s generation is already aware of how hard it is to raise a family. And they’re determined to end the so-called generational curse wherein traditional families always bear several children even if they’re not financially capable. Instead of having children, they opt to raise pets, which are undoubtedly more affordable than raising a child. To appeal to pet owners, you can sell pet toys, clothes, treats, beds, water dispensers, leashes, and cages.

6. Electronics and accessories

Electronics, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers offer high-margin profits. With hybrid and remote work being the norm post-pandemic, more people are looking for these types of electronics. Aside from electronics, you can also dropship complementary electronic products like chargers, cases, etc.

7. Auto parts and accessories

Just like any other industry, sales in the automotive industry slowed down during the pandemic, but it has been steadily recovering. Today, more people have realized the importance of having their own vehicle because, during the pandemic, they experienced difficulties transporting to and fro to work. The government mandated to halt public transportation in the face of a global health crisis. 


Dropshipping is one of the most convenient business models for anyone who doesn’t have a big capital. You simply upload the products offered by your dropshipping supplier in your e-commerce store, promote your items, and wait for your store to make sales. You don’t have to worry about the stocking, packaging, and shipping of products. However, when choosing the best products to dropship, it is always important to remember the dropshipping tips and considerations we shared earlier.If you want a hassle-free dropshipping operation, you can partner with Sup Dropshipping. We’re a China-based dropshipping supplier and cater to different clients worldwide. Moreover, we have an easy-to-use dropshipping automation tool that you can integrate into your e-commerce stores. If you want to learn more about our dropshipping solutions, contact us today!

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