• June 27, 2024

Dropshipping Pet Supplies: What Are the Best Pet Products to Dropship?

If you frequent social media, perhaps you’ve seen several posts of millennials and Gen Zs expressing their thoughts about not getting married and having children due to the rising costs of food and rent or housing. They can barely afford their own needs, how much more if they have children? Because of financial challenges, millennials and Gen Zs are now choosing to raise pets instead of children. So yes, pets are the new kids! Moreover, according to statistics, pet ownership is rising globally—and this serves as a great opportunity for anyone who’s thinking of dropshipping pet supplies.

Is Dropshipping Pet Supplies a Good Business Idea?

You might be wondering if dropshipping pet supplies is a profitable business. And we can say, it definitely is! Here are the reasons why it’s a good business idea:

1. Only requires low upfront costs 

Since it’s a dropshipping model, you don’t need to have a big capital to start your online pet store. You may just need to invest in some dropshipping tools to make your work easier and pay e-commerce platform fees to sell your products. 

2. There’s a rising demand

There’s a rising demand for pet products since Covid. According to a Covid-19 survey of the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA), there’s a dramatic rise in pet acquisition, especially among millennials.

3. More affordable than other types of products

Pet supplies are more affordable than luxury goods, electronics, and home appliances. Pet product prices usually range from $1-$60, so more people are likely to buy them compared to high-end goods with a starting price of $100.

4. Offers good revenue

While the mark-up prices for pet products are lower than electronics and luxury items, they still offer a good revenue. Pet owners tend to buy more than one item whenever they check out. 

5. Pet supplies are recession-proof

Yes, you read that right. Even if the economy goes bad (like what we are experiencing today post-pandemic), pet owners are still willing to splurge on pet care since pets are always part of the family’s mandatory budget.

10 Best Pet Products to Dropship

Are you already convinced that having an online pet store is a good idea? If you are, the next step is to figure out the best pet products to dropship—and we’re here to help you out. Based on our several years of experience in the dropshipping industry, the following are the most popular pet products to sell:

1. Pet food bowls

Pet owners usually feed their pets twice or thrice a day. And pet food bowls can suffer from wear and tear over time, especially if the pet owners have rough and rowdy pets. But even if that’s not the case, a pet owner will still buy new food bowls for their pets if you’re selling something unique and eye-catching. To stand out from your competitors, opt to sell the following types of food bowls:

  • Cute and colorful pet food bowls. Have you seen pet food bowls shaped like animals or fruits? Or food bowls that have funny and eye-catching prints? Cute and colorful stuff tends to trigger the impulsive buying behaviors of most people. So instead of marketing more of your plain-looking food bowls, focus on promoting your unique-looking food bowls.
  • Collapsible pet food bowls. If you want to appeal to traveling pet owners or those who live in small spaces, dropship collapsible pet food bowls. These are often made of silicone, giving the collapsible food bowls their flexible and foldable functions.
  • Elevated pet food bowls. Another type of food bowl that pet owners love is the elevated type. These are great for bigger and taller pets as elevated food bowls allow easier access to food. Furthermore, elevating your pet’s food helps lower the risk of food contamination.
  • Slow-feeder pet food bowls. Slow-feeder pet food bowls are also popular among pet owners who want to manage their pet’s eating habits. These types of food bowls consist of maze-like structures that help slow down the eating time of pets, preventing them from overeating and vomiting.
  • Automatic pet feeders. Automatic pet feeders are also high-demand merchandise. These appeal to busy pet owners who can’t afford to always follow a consistent feeding schedule for their pets. And yes, automatic pet feeders dispense food automatically while delivering precise control over portion sizes.
pet food bowls
Source: Amazon

2. Pet water dispensers

If you’re dropshipping pet food bowls, you should also sell pet water dispensers. Most often, pet owners looking for food bowls also want to buy water dispensers. For increased revenue, make sure to sell a variety of pet water dispensers, such as the following:

  • Standalone pet water bowls. Standalone pet water bowls are the most basic and most affordable type. They are just simple water bowls that you need to refill every time they’re empty.
  • Gravity-fed pet water dispensers. Gravity-fed pet water dispensers help to automatically fill a water bowl. Thanks to their built-in bottle reservoir, pets are continuously supplied with water as long as the reservoir remains full.
  • Pet water fountains. Ever seen cats and dogs drinking on mini water fountains on TikTok? Those are new types of pet water dispensers! With the fountain’s circulating water function, pets are served with clean and fresh water to drink.
pet watr dispensers
Source: Amazon

3. Pet beds

If you own a cat or dog, you’ll know it’s sometimes frustrating every time they steal your seat or even your own bed. I guarantee all pet owners share the same sentiment. To help solve this problem among pet owners, include pet beds in your online store. Some of the best types of pet beds to sell are:

  • Standard pet beds. These are regular mattresses that are made of cotton, fleece, and microfiber. They also come in different shapes, such as round, square, and rectangle.
  • Covered pet beds. Covered pet beds look like cave beds. Think of them as standard pet beds with a soft, foam cover. These types of beds are perfect for anxious pets. Their enclosed structure makes the pets feel more comfortable and secure.
  • Elevated pet beds. These are like mini human beds. The mattress of the bed is placed on top of a wooden, plastic, or metal frame so that the bed isn’t laid directly on the floor.
  • Orthopedic pet beds. Compared to standard pet beds, orthopedic types are built with more padding. They’re designed to provide more comfort and support to old pets suffering from arthritis or joint pains.
  • Pet beds with heating or cooling functions. To help keep pets warm or cool throughout the year, sell pet beds with heating or cooling functions. These beds enable pets to regulate their body temperature and have a more relaxing rest or sleep no matter what the weather is.
pet beds
Source: Amazon

4. Pet carriers

Pet carriers are a must-have for every family with pets. These are essential for vet visits, short trips, and travel. 

Standard pet carriers are rectangular shaped and they’re often made of plastic with metal, nylon fabric, or mesh fabric. Meanwhile, there are also pet carriers that come in the form of backpacks that sport an astronaut or encapsulated design.

With pet carriers, pet owners can easily bring their pets with them while ensuring their comfort and security.

pet carriers
Source: Amazon

5. Pet dental care products

Like humans, pets need regular dental care. According to veterinarians, pet owners should brush and clean their pet’s teeth thrice a week. Some of the best pet dental care products you should dropship are the following:

  • Pet toothbrushes. Standard pet toothbrushes have the same look as human toothbrushes. But for pets, they’re designed with longer handles and softer bristles. If the pets aren’t comfortable with the standard toothbrushes, there are also finger cap toothbrushes made of silicone material.
  • Pet toothpaste. Pet owners know that water isn’t enough to get rid of a pet’s stinky breath. That’s why they’re also on the lookout for pet toothpaste that’s edible and non-toxic.
  • Pet dental wipes. These are like baby wipes but for pets. Some are even shaped as finger caps so pet owners can easily remove the excess toothpaste in their pet’s mouth.
pet dental care products
Source: Amazon

6. Pet collars and leashes

Pet collars and leashes are also among the best products to dropship. These products help restrain the pets and prevent them from wandering, especially during vet visits, pet walks, travels, and pet training. 

Pet owners also tend to buy more than one collar and leash because these products add a touch of style and improve the overall appearance of their pets. So when you’re choosing pet collars and leashes to dropship, make sure to offer a variety of colors and patterns to cater to different tastes.

pet collars and leashes

7. Pet toys

Pets also need entertainment and pet owners know that. To meet this need, sell a variety of toys in your e-commerce store, such as the following:

  • Chew toys. Most pets, especially dogs, love to chew on anything. To prevent them from attacking the shoes, sofa, and furniture of their pet owner’s home, chew toys can keep them entertained.
  • Teaser toys. Teaser toys are often made of flexible sticks that are attached to feathers or small toys at the end. These are perfect for improving a pet’s physical activity as they encourage pets to move, jump, and pounce.
  • Plush toys. Pet owners also like to buy plush toys for their pets, especially plushies with squeakers. The squeaking sound from the plushies helps stimulate the mental activity of pets as they wonder and search for the source of the sound.
pet toys
Source: Amazon

8. Pet costumes

Pets are beautiful as they are, but pet owners love to indulge themselves in dressing up their pets whether there’s an occasion or not. Pet costumes are often used for social media photo ops and themed parties or events. If you want more sales for your dropshipping store, offer the following pet costumes:

  • Funny pet costumes. Pet owners sometimes want a silly laugh, so they dress up their pets as something funny. They make them wear delivery costumes, pirate costumes, fruit costumes, or even bee or ladybug costumes.
  • Superhero pet costumes. Seeing pets dressed as superheroes is amusing and gives a sense of nostalgia. Popular superhero pet costumes include Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Deadpool, and Captain America. 
  • Villain pet costumes. Of course, if there are superheroes, there should also be villains. Top villain pet costumes include Chucky the Deadly Doll, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Pennywise, and Friday the 13th Jason.
  • Seasonal-themed pet costumes. Depending on the holiday, event, or season, you can also sell seasonal-themed pet costumes. There are various pet costumes that are excellent for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year!
pet costumes
Source: Amazon

9. Pet brushes and combs

Whether it’s shedding season or not, pets, especially cats and dogs, shed hair. This creates a continuous demand for pet brushes and combs, so make sure to include these products in your e-commerce store. Moreover, regular brushing or combing helps the pets maintain a healthy coat and skin, preventing them from developing skin diseases and avoiding matting.

pet brushes and combs
Source: Amazon

10. Pet hair removers

One of the most dreaded problems of pet owners is having pet hair throughout their homes. Pet hair sticks onto anything, especially clothes. Regular sticky tapes can remove pet hair but they’re not always the best solution. To help pet owners get rid of pet hair from their homes, offer them the following pet hair removers:

  • Lint rollers. These are the most common types of pet hair removers for clothes. Lint rollers are built with plastic, rubber, or wooden handles and they’re installed with a roll of sticky paper. Once a sheet is full of pet hair, you can remove it to access a new sticky sheet. 
  • Reusable sticky rollers. These are like regular lint rollers, but instead of a sticky sheet roller, they come with sticky and washable silicone elastomers. 
  • Pet rubber gloves. Pet rubber gloves look like ordinary household rubber gloves but they come with a textured surface to easily gather pet hair. These might not be the best pet hair removers for clothes, but they’re perfect for getting rid of pet fur on sofas and carpets.
pet hair removers
Source: Amazon

How Can I Start Dropshipping Pet Supplies?

It’s easy to get started on dropshipping! The first thing you need to do is to find a reliable dropshipping supplier like Sup Dropshipping. We’re an all-in-one fulfillment center based in China, and we’re proud to say that we’ve been in the dropshipping business for more than 10 years. If you would like to start your dropshipping business in the pet industry, we have dedicated agents who can help you throughout your dropshipping journey. For a step-by-step guide on how to work with us, you can check out this page or contact our customer support team directly.

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