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Zendrop Review: Is It the Best Dropshipping Solution 2024?

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Zendrop Review

Dropshipping is a business model where you sell without carrying inventory. When someone places an order in your store, you send the information to your dropshipping supplier, who packs and ships the order on your behalf.

The supplier plays an important role in the development of your business. However, finding a good dropshipping supplier can be a daunting task. Fortunately, dropshipping companies like Zendrop have made it easier to locate a reliable supplier.

Zendrop is one of the leading dropshipping companies based in the US. It hosts more than 100000 suppliers from China and the US. With Zendrop, you have access to over 1 million products in a free plan. From sourcing to shipping, this company can handle many aspects for you.

In this article, let’s dive into Zendrop and learn about its pricing, features, advantages, and disadvantages.

What is Zendrop?

Zendrop is a US-based dropshipping service provider. It offers all-around services including product sourcing, branding, and fulfillment.

Zendrop provides a variety of products that range from clothing to home products and electronics. If you can’t find a product on this platform, you are allowed to import it from AliExpress with its Chrome Extension.

When it comes to selling personalized products, Zendrop allows you to private label a product and customize the packaging. You can also choose to add custom Thank You cards to your orders. This will enhance customers’ shopping experience and increase customer retention.

Zendrop ships from China and the US. With its US warehouse, you can cut out shipping costs and have products delivered within several days.

Zendrop pricing

Zendrop offers three subscription plans. The costs and included features are shown as follows.

Zendrop pricing


The free plan can be used forever according to Zendrop. It comes with basic features, such as a variety of product choices and product sourcing. But if you need automated fulfillment, you have to upgrade to a paid plan.


This subscription costs $49 per month. It has all the features included in the free plan. Additionally, it gives you access to US products and supports unlimited orders per month. Custom branding services and automated fulfillment are also accessible with this plan.


The Plus plan costs $79 per month and it unlocks all the features of this dropshipping app. Subscribing to this plan, you can make product bundles, find trending products within the platform, and learn with Zendrop Academy.

How does Zendrop work?

Zendrop behaves like a middleman between you and the supplier. When the customer places an order from your store, you forward the order to Zendrop. Their supplier will then prepare and ship it to your customers directly. If you subscribe to a paid plan, your order can be automatically fulfilled.

Here is the exact process to use Zendrop for a Shopify store.

1. Register an account on Zendrop

Before using Zendrop, you need to register an account.
1)Go to Zendrop and click “CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT”

Zendrop homepage
Zendrop homepage

2)Input your first name, email, and password

Input your first name, email, and password

2. Select a subscription plan

There are both free and paid plans for your choice. Just select a plan based on your budget, preferences, and business needs.

If you are starting your business or want to try this platform, we recommend you stay on the free plan. Otherwise, the Pro plan is recommended. You can also try the most expensive plan if you want to access features like product bundles, subscription boxes, or trending product finder.

3. Find and import products

After creating an account, now you can find products that you want to sell in your store.

Zendrop offers a vast catalog of products from various suppliers. You can click “Find Products” on the left sidebar of the dashboard and browse products under “New Arrivals”.

As an option, you can also enter keywords and add filters to search for specific items. A click of “Add to My Products” will allow you to import it to your store.

Add products from Zendrop to your store

If you can’t find the product you need, search for it on AliExpress. Zendrop’s Chrome Extension enables you to import products from AliExpress in seconds.

import products from AliExpress with Zendrop's Chrome Extension

After importing an item, click “My Product” > “Import List” to edit product details. And then publish it to your store.

Learn about how to find winning products for dropshipping.

4. Fulfill your order

Once a customer places an order in your store, you need to fulfill it through Zendrop. If you’re on a plan that offers automated fulfillment, Zendrop will process the order with the supplier automatically. For those on a free plan, you’ll need to log into your Zendrop account and fulfill the order manually. In either case, Zendrop communicates directly with its suppliers to ensure that your order is processed smoothly.

5. Ship the order

After the order is fulfilled, the supplier ships the product directly to your customer. Zendrop partners with suppliers who provide reliable shipping options to various countries. The platform often offers tracking information that you can share with your customers. Stay updated with the shipping status once the tracking number is synced automatically.

Key features of Zendrop

Having a clear idea of Zendrop’s features can help you take full advantage of it. Let’s take a look at the key features of this dropshipping platform.

Extensive product catalog

Zendrop has a vast base of products covering various categories, such as clothing, household items, electronics, and more. You can easily find a product through filters on the dashboard.

find a product through filters on the dashboard.

Automated fulfillment

Zendrop seamlessly integrates with Shopify and CommerceHQ. Importing products to your store just needs a few clicks. Once you receive an order from your customer, the order can be automatically fulfilled.

Fast shipping

Zendrop ships worldwide from China and the US. If you make purchases of their US products, you can get fast delivery within 5 to 8 business days. Shipping from China may take 7 to 15 business days, still shorter compared with some other dropshipping solutions.

Branding customization

With Zendrop, you can customize an item or its packaging to build your brand. Zendrop has connections with many manufacturers, allowing you to private label items. It also supports inserting a custom-designed Thank You card in all orders shipped to your customers.

Product bundles

On Zendrop, you can bundle products to sell. Instead of selling one unit every time, you can sell multiple items at once to increase the average order value(AOV). This will attract customers by saving their time from finding related products somewhere else.

Subscription boxes

Selling subscription boxes has become one of the latest trends in the eCommerce field. You can use Zendrop to create recurring revenue by selling memberships and subscription boxes that cater to your target audience.

Zendrop Academy

Starting a dropshipping business is overwhelming for beginners. There might be a lot of problems along your journey. Zendrop understands that and offers you various educational resources with Zendrop Academy.

Advantages and disadvantages of Zendrop

Zendrop has been one of the top dropshipping websites for Shopify stores. What makes it stand out from the competition?
Here are the advantages of using Zendrop.

  • A wide range of products
  • A free plan is optional
  • Fast delivery from the US
  • Customization options for branding
  • Bundle products and subscription boxes

While Zendrop comes with these benefits, it still has limits as any other dropshipping website does.

Below are the disadvantages of Zendrop.

  • Limited integration channels
  • Importing products from AliExpress only
  • Limited features for the free plan

FAQs about Zendrop

1. Is Zendrop good for dropshipping?

Zendrop is good for dropshipping due to its range of features designed to streamline the dropshipping process. It offers a wide variety of products, automated fulfillment, and options for custom branding. If you are new to dropshipping, you have access to their educational resources on Zendrop Academy or YouTube. Their customer service is also available when you encounter any issues.

2. Is Zendrop free?

Zendrop offers different pricing plans, including a free option with limited features. The free plan is designed to cater to individuals or businesses that are just starting or those who wish to test the platform before committing to a paid plan. However, advanced features such as automated fulfillment and branding services are typically reserved for paid plans.

3. Does Zendrop ship internationally?

Even though Zendrop is located in the US, it does ship worldwide. The shipping time is usually between 10 and 15 days no matter where your customers come from. It might be longer or shorter because of holiday seasons, weather conditions, or other factors.

4.I s AliExpress or Zendrop better?

Both AliExpress and Zendrop have their advantages and disadvantages.

AliExpress is a renowned B2C platform located in China. It offers over 100 million products covering various categories. These products are pretty cheap and at a wholesale price. They typically don’t have MOQ requirements. When you dropship from AliExpress, you deal with suppliers directly. This can save you money by cutting out multiple middlemen. However, with AliExpress, the shipping times can be longer. Besides that, the options to customize personalized products are limited.

On the other hand, Zendrop is a dropshipping company that works as a middleman between you and the suppliers including AliExpress suppliers. It provides relatively fewer product choices. Some features like automated fulfillment and custom branding need additional payments. But it also gives you many benefits such as free sourcing service and fast shipping. At only $49, you can access its most features. Their customer service is also available when you encounter any issues.

Zendrop Review Summary

Zendrop is one of the leading dropshipping service providers in the dropshipping industry. It provides an array of features to simplify your dropshipping process.

On this platform, you can access a wide selection of products in the free plan. As Zendrop integrates with Shopify seamlessly, importing products to your store just needs a few clicks. If you subscribe to a paid plan, your orders can be fulfilled automatically. In addition, Zendrop provides fast shipping when you buy their US products.

However, Zendrop is not the only choice out there. If you are considering a more cost-effective dropshipping solution, give Sup Dropshipping a try! As a competitor of Zendrop, we offer you a free plan that includes all the features of us. Our platform integrates with more channels, allowing you to automate fulfillment no matter what platform you are selling on. Also, we have warehouses in the US, Europe, Japan, and other parts of the world. Shipping from our warehouses will get your products delivered faster.

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