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Is Temu Safe? The Truth You Must Know Before Ordering(2024)

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Temu has taken the eCommerce world by storm since it’s launched. People are raving about products of extremely low prices on the platform. They love affordable goods and share their shopping experience on social platforms.

On the other hand, some people are skeptical about if Temu is safe to use. They worry about product quality and data security.

So is Temu safe or a scam? Should you buy from Temu?

In this article, we will uncover the secrets of Temu for you.

What is Temu?

Temu(tee-moo) is an emerging online marketplace that is located in Boston, Massachusetts. It is the sister company of the Chinese shopping site “Pinduoduo”, and both of them are owned by PDD Holdings.

Since launched, Temu has seen increasing popularity over the past months. According to Statista, Temu has gained over 100 million active users in the United States as of April 2023. It ranks #1 on the Google Play app store.

The Temu app ranks #1 on the Google Play store.
The Temu app ranks #1 on the Google Play store.

The word “Temu” means “TEAM UP, PRICE DOWN”. It suggests that this company aims to work together with sellers to offer the most affordable and quality products for buyers. They want buyers to “Shop Like a Billionaire”.

Temu provides a wide range of products across different categories from clothing to electronics. You can find nearly everything you need on this platform. On top of that, the products are heavily discounted and at very low prices.  Most of them can be shipped for free using Standard Shipping or when your order amount is over US$129.00.  

Is Temu legit and safe?

Is Temu legit

It’s easy to connect a very low price with a scam. Yet, Temu is legit and safe to use even though it offers incredibly cheap products.

You can get a sense of it from the following aspects.

Seller verification

Temu is a legitimate online marketplace where third-party suppliers sell. When you place an order, the seller prepares the order and Temu lets it shipped by their logistics partners.

To protect buyers from scams and fraud, Temu set a series of rules for sellers in partnership. For example, the company issued Code of Conduct, which ensures suppliers comply with laws and standards in this market.

Purchase Protection program

Temu has a Purchase Protection program to add a more layer of security to your shopping. Under this program, you can request a refund within 90 days of purchase in the following cases.

  • The item you receive is not as described on the detail page or shown in the photos
  • The item you get is damaged
  • Your item is not delivered within the estimated time or missed in transit

The first return for every order is free. You can return the items you want to get refunds from together to avoid additional shipping costs

Safe payment methods

As for payment security, Temu takes multiple safe payment methods. For example, it accepts major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and Discover. PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Klarna payments are also supported.

If there is something wrong with your order, credit cards and PayPal provide you the option to file a dispute and get your money back. Additionally, Klarna or other similar payment options allow you to buy first and pay later. You can check your items carefully and then confirm the order before you pay for it.

Data and personal information security

Pinduoduo was removed from the Google Play store because Google found malware in the app. So consumers are suspicious about whether its sister company Temu would sell their personal information.

Not like Pinduoduo, Temu is located in Boston and operates based on the laws and regulations in the US. Though not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, it still garnered hundreds of positive reviews.  

Temu collects your personal information including contact data, location, transaction data, and so on. You may find such information is also collected on other shopping platforms like Amazon. In some cases, Temu may use your data, but they will ask for your consent first.

Why is Temu so cheap?

Why is Temu so cheap
Source: Temu

At Temu, you can buy a smartwatch at $13 and a shirt at $5. Why stuff is so cheap?

Temu has built relationships with a vast network of suppliers in China. Most of them are manufacturers who sell directly to consumers. When a sale occurs, Temu charges a small amount of commission from sellers. Except for Temu, there are no other middlemen to share profits with the sellers. As a result, sellers can set a low price but still earn a high profit. Customers can pay a few dollars and get an item up to their expectations in most cases.

Real Reviews of Temu

If you are still worrying whether Temu is legit and safe, you may check these real reviews of Temu we found online. You may take them as a reference, or you may check more related reviews by yourselves.

Temu review from Trustpilot
Temu review from Trustpilot
Temu review from Reviews.io
Temu review from Reviews.io
Temu reviews from Sitejabber
Temu reviews from Sitejabber

It is obvious that people are having quite different shopping experience with Temu, some love it, while others may rather turn to other marketplaces to shop online.

If you have ever shopped on Temu, please leave a comment below and let us know your story!

How to buy from Temu safely?

While Temu is legit and safe, you may still come across a scamming seller as you do on other marketplaces.

But with some effective tips, you can minimize the risk of being scammed and buy safely.

Here are the 6 best tips you should keep in mind when buying from Temu.

1. Check store ratings and product reviews

It is important to check the store rating and product reviews before making a purchase.

The store rating provides insights into the services and product quality of a seller. A rating of 4.5 or higher out of 5 usually suggests the seller is worth working with. You can also check how many goods a seller has sold out and how many repeat customers the seller has gained. We recommend you buy from those who have hundreds of transactions at least.

Check seller ratings

Product reviews give more details about the product quality and the shopping experiences of previous buyers. Some sellers claim they sell the best items at a low price. But chances are that their items are not the same as described on the site. This is where product reviews come in. You can get a clue about what the product really looks like through the photos and feedback from other buyers. But meantime, take negative reviews with a grain of salt. Be sure to leave a page when you find the product has a high rate of bad reviews.  

Check product reviews

2. Choose a safe payment method

Temu accepts various payment methods. You can choose a secure and widely used payment option. For example, you may make payments with PayPal. Compared with credit cards, using PayPal requires you to register and enter personal information on their app. However, PayPal is reputable and safe enough for your personal information. It also allows you to file a dispute against charges when your order has a problem.

Make payments via PayPal on Temu

3. Understand shipping times and check your order status

Temu’s shipping times vary depending on locations, shipping methods, and other factors. Generally, it takes 6 to 25 days for Temu to deliver an order. Because Temu ships most products overseas, the order can be delayed and even lost in transit in some cases. This is why some buyers say their orders have never arrived and Temu is a scam.  

So check your order status periodically with the tracking number provided after the order is shipped. If the shipping status has not been updated for a long time, contact customer service immediately.  

Here is an example that we took from TEMU, and this may reveal the real shipping time when you buy from TEMU.

How long does TEMU take to ship

4. Don’t make deals with a seller outside the Temu website

You may come across sellers who entice you to make deals with them outside of Temu. Don’t do that whatever they say. Instead, always stick to making purchases through the Temu website or app.

Temu only protects your transactions and handles disputes on this platform. Reputable sellers won’t ask you to do business with them privately. Avoid engaging with sellers who try to take the transaction off-site or ask for personal information via email or other communication channels.

5. Buy a sample before placing a large order

Buy a sample to check if the product meets your expectation
Buy a sample to check if the product meets your expectation

It seems bothering to order samples before placing a large order. But it will pay off in the end. By buying samples, you will know if the product meets your expectations in terms of quality, appearance, and functions. Also, you can have an idea of how long it actually takes for delivery. At the same time, you can find out whether the supplier can solve your problem in a timely and proper manner.

6. Don’t expect too much

You get what you pay for. It is not realistic to expect a high-quality watch for a few dollars. While Temu offers great deals, you had better not expect too much about what you get. Otherwise, buying from alternatives to Temu could be a better choice.

Temu alternatives

Temu is not the only platform even it is safe to buy from. You can take a look at it alternatives for a better buying experience in one aspect or more.

Here are the 5 best Temu alternatives we select for you.

1. Aliexpress

Temu alternative-Aliexpress

Aliexpress is a B2C marketplace that connects suppliers in China with buyers worldwide. It offers over 100 million products across various categories such as consumer electronics, accessories, and clothing. In comparison with Temu, Aliexpress owns a wider selection of products, and the price could be a little lower in some categories. However, it could take a longer time for Aliexpress to ship the products.

The similarities between the two platforms are that goods on Aliexpress also have no MOQ and they are already designed. You have limited or no customization options.

2. Alibaba

Temu alternative-Alibaba

Alibaba is an international B2B(business-to-business) platform. This platform makes a wide range of competitive products from China available to global buyers. Some products are even not easy to find on other eCommerce platforms. 

With Alibaba, you can purchase products in bulk at a manufacturing price. Plus, many suppliers provide private labeling and white labeling services. You can customize products and build your brand.

3. 1688

Temu alternative-1688

1688 is a sister site of Alibaba that caters to domestic businesses in China. As a wholesale market, 1688 offers a diverse range of products including clothing, beauty products, accessories, and so on. Most products are from manufacturers and wholesalers. Compared to Temu, these products are much cheaper as there are no international shipping costs to consider.

The drawback of 1688 is that their products have MOQ requirements. But with the development of dropshipping, now you can buy one piece. If you want to register a 1688 account, please refer to this article.

4. Shein

Temu alternative-Shein

As a well-known fashion retailer, Shein offers a vast range of clothing, shoes, and accessories to global buyers. It caters to consumers who have different tastes and preferences for fashion products. 

The product price on Shein might be higher than on Temu but still affordable. When your order amounts reach a certain standard, you can get discounts and enjoy free shipping service.

If you specialize in the fashion field, Shein can be a good supplier for you.

Learn about the differences between Temu and Shein.

5. Wish


Wish is a prominent online marketplace in the US market. Founded earlier than Temu, this marketplace has expanded its presence in the major countries of the world.
Wish offers a variety of products including electronics, clothing, pet supplies, home decor, and more. Most products are also sourced from China.
The difference between these two platforms is that Wish sells some niche products that are not even categorized on Temu, such as baby gear and drinks and smokes items.
Besides, products from Wish could be slightly higher than those on Temu, and they may take a longer time to arrive.

6. Sup Dropshipping

Sup Dropshipping

Sup Dropshipping is a dropshipping company based in Hong Kong. We provide you with an all-in-one solution from sourcing to shipping.

With a diverse network of suppliers and years of experience, we can help you find high-quality and affordable products efficiently. Like Temu, we don’t require MOQs, so you can either buy one single piece or more at once.

Our platform integrates with major e-commerce platforms and markets seamlessly. It is easy for you to import and list products to your store. When your customer places an order from you, the order will be automatically fulfilled. Before shipping it, we conduct product checks to ensure the item is in good condition.

Beyond that, we offer various customization options to brand your business. You can customize product packaging, white label, or print products on demand. Most of our tools are free to use. Only relevant service fees are needed.  


1. Is Temu legit?

Though some customers complain about their bad shopping experiences on Temu, it is still a legitimate site.

Temu is owned by PDD Holdings, which is a Nasdaq-listed company. There are various proactive measures in place to protect buyers’ transactions at Temu. For example, Temu launched a Purchase Protection program. This program allows buyers to get a full refund when their orders are not delivered, items arrive damaged, or items are not as described on the site.

2. Are Temu products good?

Overall, the product quality is good. But you get what you pay for. If you buy a $3 T-shirt at Temu, you can’t expect it to be of the same quality as a $30 T-shirt on Amazon.

3. Can you dropship from Temu?

Temu is a direct-to-customer marketplace where dropshipping is not allowed. But you can sell products from Temu if you work with Sup Dropshipping. We have a vast base of products from suppliers in China and other countries. We can help you find quality products at competitive prices.

4. How long does Temu take to ship?

The shipping time depends on the destination and shipping methods. Typically, it takes 6-25 days for Temu to ship an order.

5. How to get free items on Temu?

Temu offers free items to attract customers. You can get free stuff by registering a new account, playing games, referring Temu to your friends, applying coupon codes, or becoming a Temu influencer.


Temu is a legitimate online marketplace and safe to use. However, this is not a guarantee that you will never encounter problems like poor quality products, late delivery, or undelivered orders.

Third-party suppliers sell on Temu. And not all of them are reputable. To avoid being scammed by unscrupulous sellers, you should take some proactive tips. Look for an alternative to Temu for better quality and more customization choices if necessary.

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May is a blogger at Sup Dropshipping with over 5 years of experience in eCommerce. May’s passion for eCommerce drives her to stay updated on the latest trends and share her expertise with you through her blog. In her spare time, she likes to read a novel or chat with friends.

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  1. Wynn Norman Avatar
    Wynn Norman

    Dammit! I was hoping to get some useful answers here about Temu’s growing reputation for card fraud.

    And that leaves me even more angry.

    TWICE I have had to wait WEEKS to get my Bank of America card replaced because it was hacked. I’m posting here today because we discovered a payment to something called “Spokeo” that we didn’t authorize. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn about it until AFTER I had ordered.

    What the F…. IS GOING ON!!!!!

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Hi Wynn, thank you for sharing your experience to help us avoid possible scams.
      There truly are some cases that Temu sellers may charge customers by mistake.
      We suggest you be careful when authorizing your card, and better only use cards for purchasing.

      1. Tetete Avatar

        Również uważam że temu zakłada złośliwe oprogramowania wyłudza dane .po zresetowaniu telefonu wszystkie aplikacje założyłam szybciutko a temu nie zgubiło połączenie.nie było moich 3 zamówień nie można się było połączyć z niczym z temu.nie otrzymałam do tej pory swoich kupionychrzeczy płatność była pomyślna o oni piszą że nie I chcą żebym wchodziła w ich podejrzane linki.oszustwa .uwaga na temu.temu czyści konta

        1. Jack Han Avatar
          Jack Han

          Dziękuję za podzielenie się doświadczeniem.
          Przed wizytą lub dokonaniem zakupu ważne jest, aby zidentyfikować właściwą witrynę internetową.
          Niektórzy ludzie to oszuści, którzy wysyłają linki do wędkowania. Uważaj na nich.

    2. Verónica Avatar

      A mí me han cargado más de 600€ una persona que ellos han dado mis datos y robado mi cuenta .
      Por supuesto he denunciado a estos estafadores.

    3. Josef Avatar

      Temu zlikwidował em 2 dni po rejestracji a przez kolejny miesiąc otrzymuje dziesiątki e maili od nich ……..

    4. Mohannad Muhaisen Avatar
      Mohannad Muhaisen

      Hello, I am Muhannad from Jordan, and I have a problem with the Timo application. I spoke with customer service and did not resolve the problem. Does the customer care about solving his problem?

      1. Jack Han Avatar
        Jack Han

        Hello Muhannad, I think you can try to communicate with Temu support more times, and let them know how you’d like to solve the problem.

    5. Maureen Broadhurst Avatar
      Maureen Broadhurst

      Why when I ask for refund to be made to back to my Visa debit card I don’t receive it????

      1. Jack Han Avatar
        Jack Han

        Hi Maureen, please double check if the card account is the same that you paid from. The refund may also take some days to arrive.
        If all this have been done and nothing happened, I suggest you contact support of Temu.

    6. Heard and Felt It Avatar
      Heard and Felt It

      Just had my card hacked after using TEMU for the first time 1 week ago. Coincidence???

      1. Jack Han Avatar
        Jack Han

        Hello, we feel sorry for you, and hope you didn’t lost too much.
        But we believe Temu is a legit marketplace, and all the illegal matters should have no matter with them.

  2. Lynn fairchild Avatar
    Lynn fairchild

    Thx for post I just put together an order that I really liked but I’ll have to figure out how to pay. I don’t want the headaches associated with poor card practices

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Thank you for the comment, wish you good luck!

    2. Richard Taylor Avatar
      Richard Taylor

      If you can use a prepaid card with a low limit you can minimize any loss. It amazes me that companies like Backstage that make it look like they’re part of Nordstrom’s get away with companies like YouTube allowing them to advertise. It gives them an air of legitimacy. I’ve come really close to falling for some scams but most don’t even have a secured site so you don’t have to check very much. Google them always. Look for careless mistakes even spelling.

      1. Jack Han Avatar
        Jack Han

        Richard, thank you so much for sharing your experience and I believe this could be a great idea to prevent scams and lower losses.

        1. Amadeu Francisco Machaieie Avatar
          Amadeu Francisco Machaieie

          Como posso reclamar se haver dificuldades ao comprar no Temu, a quem posso me contactar?

          1. Jack Han Avatar
            Jack Han

            Se quiser fazer alguma reclamação, você pode entrar em contato com o atendimento ao cliente da Temu.

          2. Sabahattin Tantan Avatar
            Sabahattin Tantan

            Alışveriş işlemlerim kurumsal değil, kişisel olmasına rağmen TC kimlik numarası neden ısrarla talep ediliyor,?

          3. Jack Han Avatar
            Jack Han

            lütfen web sitenizin URL’sini TEMU’nun resmi sitesi olup olmadığını ve ödeme yönteminizin güvenli olup olmadığını kontrol edin.

    3. Medy Santiago Avatar
      Medy Santiago

      You can just use afterpay or klarna would be better, just try and see if that works for you.

  3. Gilian Chambers Avatar

    CTT delivered two of my parc els to their local office. I live in a care home, can’t walk and have nobody to collect them for me. It’s not very far to go can’t they try again to deliver to the hospital?I would hugely appreciate it.
    Gillian Chambers

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      I feel sorry to hear that. Maybe there can be someone warm-hearted to help you out.

  4. Cassandra Avatar

    My card was hacked at a gamstop in TX this the only place I ored off line becareful

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Thank you for sharing your experience. Please be careful when using your card.

      1. Hacı Avatar

        Ben temudan 4 kez falan sipariş verdim,gayet te memnun kaldım.Ama anlamadığım 3 yanlış sipariş verdim anında iptal ettim paramın hesabıma geçtiğimi nasıl öğrenebilirim

        1. Jack Han Avatar
          Jack Han

          Merhaba Hacı,
          Kontrol etmenin en kolay yolu, iptal edilen siparişlerin tutarını bakiye değişikliklerinizle eşleştirmektir.

      2. HM Avatar

        Careful how?
        Is there any other way without using bank card details?got burnt before… SKEPTICAL

        1. Jack Han Avatar
          Jack Han

          Hello, here are some tips:
          1. You should always check before visiting a website if that is the real official marketplace.
          2. Be careful to check the payment environment before making payment, make sure it’s secured.
          3. Take good care of your card information, and let nobody other than yourself know it.

  5. CMOI Avatar

    Je suis surprise d’avoir pu passer une deuxieme commande sur TEMU avec ma carte bleue sans rentrer aucune information (pas de code à rentrer pour securiser mon achat°
    cela fait vraiement peur!!! si cela n’est pas sécurisé, je vais devoir quitter TEMU avant de me faire pirater mon compte

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Merci d’avoir partagé vos réflexions.
      Certaines mesures doivent être prises pour garantir la sécurité de votre paiement.

  6. RAT Avatar

    Bonjour comment fonctionne la fameuse roue qui tourne et vous dit que vous pouvez acheter pour 200€ par exemple en n’effectuant que 20€ d’achat pour bénéficier de cette offre. Est-ce réel ou une fraude car cela paraît impressionnant. J’attends d’avoir une réponse avant d’acheter sur le site. Cordialement

  7. Klonowska Avatar

    Zamówiłam na Temu lalkę i pojawiła się forma płatności -wybrałam blik i zapłaciłam chociaż wydało mi się dziwne że do ceny tej lalki doliczono mi jeszcze jakieś opłaty za kuriera i za ubezpieczenie przesyłki – płatność poszła na – ThePPRO
    Nie wiem jak to się stało ale nie dostałam żadnej informacji o zamówieniu – jakbym nigdy go nie zrobiła a pieniądze z konta poszły.
    Na emaila przyszła informacja z Temu – Proszę_potwierdzić_rachunek ![U4F]
    Proszę_potwierdzić_rachunek ! [PMF]O czym to świadczy ? Zostałam oszukana a to jakieś wirusy ? Czy wyłudzanie danych?

  8. Yvonne shilling Avatar
    Yvonne shilling

    Does Temu send stuff C.O.D.

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Hi Yvonne,
      According to Temu website, they say COD is one of their acceptable payment methods.
      But I personally did not find any products that can actually paid with COD, so I think it is not really accepted.

  9. Legault Avatar

    Bonjour.. je veux passer une commande chez tému et payer avec ma carte PayPal mais tému me demande de donner mon numéro de carte bancaire ? Alors que sur les autres sites le paiement se fait automatiquement avec PayPal.. alors j ai un doute avec tému ? Puis je commander sans crainte ?

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Bonjour, je pense que vous n’avez pas à vous soucier de la sécurité des paiements à Temu, car il s’agit d’un marché légitime.
      Vous pouvez essayer d’utiliser la fonction de paiement rapide de Paypal, qui peut vous obliger uniquement à vous connecter au compte Paypal et à effectuer le paiement.

  10. Nancy Donahue Avatar
    Nancy Donahue

    I don’t know why Temu charged my account $19.40 ! I did have things in my cart but what gives them the right to take the close to 20 bucks out of my account! I hadn’t ordered it yet! This was TWO DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS. That money was intended for gas money and they just took it! So I had to report it in which I had to wait a few weeks for another debit card. Now 15 days later they sent me things I didn’t even have in my cart and some of the things that were in my cart. I was not happy with the first 2 orders I made, I didn’t get what I ordered and they still charged me their price; so much for that wheel spinning they lured me in with. Then there’s the (last I looked). 539 text messages they left. I think that with all the above they are not an ethical company quite crooked actually. It really inconvenienced me not having my debit card at Christmas time. Oh what really sucked was they text me to tell me my package had been delivered, well there was no package delivered at my front door like all other online orders. So I let them know it wasn’t delivered and really thought this company was a scam. Then I researched a little more and the site (don’t remember if it was temu or USPS site) gave tips on lost packages and it told me to check all doors to my home well sure as sh*t, the package was at my back door which I never use. So sorry USPS for the negative report. It was delivered. Now I don’t know who to contact to let them know that it was, I’ll try USPS I guess. See Temu put a load of responsibility on me that I didn’t need.

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      So sorry to hear that Nancy.
      Though I don’t think Temu can take money out of anyone’s card without their consent, which is illegal, I suggest you be careful when shopping online.
      Some marketplaces will make some fun games or promotions which looks attractive, and eventually make customers buy things they don’t actually need.
      It is better to set a second-time password or checking to confirm your payment online, especially for credit cards.

    2. Sylvia Avatar

      Never ever shop with your debit card. It will lock up your account if something happens or they can take all your money. Get a prepared visa or regular Visa card.

      1. Jack Han Avatar
        Jack Han

        Hi Sylvia, thank you for sharing your suggestions! We believe that shopping with debit card can be safe in most cases, however credit cards can be a good choice to avoid certain risks.

  11. Robby Avatar

    I really like a wallet on here but after reading this I’m not sure if I’m gonna get it

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Hi Robby, generally speaking, you can trust Temu as it is legit.
      If there is no accident, I think you can get your wallet after you make the purchase.

  12. Ron Winningham Avatar
    Ron Winningham

    I thought about ordering but after reading I definitely would not trust the site.

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Hi Ron, generally speaking, Temu is a legit shopping marketplace. It is only few sellers that should be paid attention to.

  13. Junell Davis Avatar
    Junell Davis

    I have ordered twice on Temu, and received my order promptly. But My 3rd order that I ordered has not received it was paid for on January 4@11:34 A.M.

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Hi Junell, I think you may contact Temu services and check your order status. If lost, it is time to apply for refund.

  14. Louise Avatar

    I have shopped Temu several times….never have I had a problem! The prices are much lower than any place in the US. I’ve had very nice products at a great price and all were delivered as promised. I’ve never had an issue returning or receiving an item. Their prices are very affordable and the quality is good. I recommend Temu to everyone. I used Amazon for a long time but now the many same items are at Temu much more affordable and the service is great! I’m sorry that folks have had issues with them because I have had none and trust me I would be the first to let everyone know if the service and/or products were questionable.

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Hello Louise, thank you for sharing your thoughts.
      The shopping experience for anyone could be different, and we welcome all that had shopped in Temu to share their stories.
      When we have so many stories together, everyone will know whether shopping in Temu is safe or not.

      1. Marcela Avatar

        …w styczniu hakerzy podpięli się pod aplikację InPost a ta firma dostarczała mi wiele paczek z TEMU i niestety padłam ich ofiarą. Hakerzy okradli mnie poprzez kartę którą zapłaciłam za ostatni swój zakup w TEMU a moje opłaty trafiały do Irlandii.
        Hakerzy którzy mnie okradli dokonali oszustwa zDublina w Irlandii… Czyli wszystko jest jasne TEMU jest albo otoczona hakerami albo sama zatrudnia hakerów…
        … już nigdy nie kupię
        ani w TEMO ani w żadnej zagranicznej firmie…

        1. Jack Han Avatar
          Jack Han

          Witaj Marcelo,
          Przykro nam z powodu Twojej straty.
          Zachowaj ostrożność następnym razem podczas zakupów online, ponieważ hakerem może zostać zhakowana każda witryna, nie tylko Temu.

  15. Karen Rouse-Deane Avatar
    Karen Rouse-Deane

    I ordered items one larger size of cat litter tray but was sent a small one for kitten.
    I ordered some pin badges but what I got was not what I had expected. Such as 3 of 1 badge only 1 ordered this happened four times in one order but another when I had ordered 2 I got only . Then I tried again to order for my cats again. Another small cat litter sent then finally one medium arrived.
    Cat beds well first two came so small no use so I thought try again I was sent 2 small again then I got two so big a labrador could use them. I ordered jumpers for Christmas but they were not jumpers but t-shirts with sleeves for £27+ each never again. So I have items here that I can’t return as I have to print out a label but I don’t have a printer and to get one printed it costs me £4.50. So from now on I shall not be buying again from Temu. My orders only had a total price of £700 but it cost me another £300. There is no customer service number I can call in UK

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Thanks for sharing your shopping experience.
      To return or change your item, you may contact Temu’s customer service via live chat or their social platforms.
      Here is Temu’s return policy.

  16. Joelle Avatar

    J’allais acheter plusieurs pièces mais je vais suivre vos conseils et acheter un échantillon ! merci pour le conseil

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Bonjour Joëlle,
      Il est bon de savoir que!
      J’espère que vous aurez une bonne expérience de shopping.

  17. MGod..... Avatar

    I just got my 1st order from Temu. It came in 6 days. Delivered as texts were updating me the whole time til delivery! Products were great, several were free. Pair of jeans I ordered did have defective pockets as and length was shorter than expected, but they quickly gave me the 1x refund back to my card without me having to return item. They said I could keep it or donate it! Which I thought was pretty cool and very quick response to delivery and resolution to the 1 defective item. The other items I ordered were great and makes me want to order more from them. 100% Legit from my recent order on Feb 9th til delivery today!! I say take a chance! All online orders are always risky with even companies like Walmart and Amazon. Just use a credit card that can be easily protected and reimbursed if there is any scam or fraud attempted! Temu appears to be professional and trustworthy in my book!!

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Hello, thank you for sharing your story. We are glad to hear that you had good shopping experience on Temu, which seems very rare in the comments till now..
      Anyway, we agree that refund without sending back the product is a great solution for defective items.
      This is by any means good to consumers who paid and ought to be served better.

    2. Medy Santiago Avatar
      Medy Santiago

      I agree with you, my orders came with no problem, other than I’m going to return 1 item back. I was weary at first cause I heard negative comments about them, but since I received my orders and happy with my purchases, I will continue to shop with them.

  18. Amy Sudol Avatar
    Amy Sudol

    My credit card was hacked just 2 weeks after I ordered from Temu.

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Hello Amy, I feel sorry to hear that!
      Please be careful with your card information next time when you purchase online.

  19. Lisa Delisle Avatar
    Lisa Delisle

    Bonjour, je fais souvent des achats sur temu… j’ai decouvert ce site seulement un peu avant noel,et depuis ,c’est un site que je prefaire.Je fais mes achats avec Paypal,mais j’aimerais savoir si le site accepte les cartes prépayées ? Merci a l’avance pour votre réponse.

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Bonjour Lisa, d’après les informations que j’ai obtenues, Temu peut accepter les cartes prépayées, mais vous feriez mieux de le confirmer auprès du service client de Temu.

  20. Amadeu Francisco Machaieie Avatar
    Amadeu Francisco Machaieie

    Eu quero comprar, como posso entrar em contacto com o vendedor da temu e como saber se é a verdadeira pessoa com que estou em contacto.
    Como reclamar de burla?

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Olá Amadeu,
      Você pode enviar uma mensagem ao vendedor do produto desejado para fazer qualquer pergunta.
      Se quiser fazer alguma reclamação, você pode entrar em contato com o atendimento ao cliente da Temu.

  21. Yusufhan Avatar

    Bir soruda ben sorayım. Timu, Aliexpress gibi alışveriş mağazası peki bu satılan ürün gümrük ücreti bize mi ait

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Tarife için ödeme yapmanız gerekip gerekmediği, hedef ülkenin ithalat politikasına bağlıdır.
      Çoğu ürün genel olarak tarife muafiyeti standardından daha düşüktür, ancak çok fazla ürün satın alırsanız gümrük tarafından ücretlendirilme ihtimaliniz vardır.

  22. Marimar Martínez Avatar
    Marimar Martínez

    Antes se podía pagar contrareembolso. Por qué ahora no??

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Algunos vendedores de Temu aceptan efectivo a la vista, pero no todos pueden hacerlo. Por favor verifique antes de realizar la compra.

  23. Filiz sarı Avatar
    Filiz sarı

    Fiyatlar çok uygun gümrük parası kime ait

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Genel konuşma,
      Temu’dan satın alınan eşyaların toplam tutarı çok küçük olduğundan gümrükte tarife ödemesine gerek yoktur. Ancak bu, farklı ülkelerin kesin ithalat politikasına bağlıdır. Bu nedenle lütfen sipariş tutarınızın vergiye tabi tutarın altında olduğundan emin olun, aksi takdirde tarifeyi kendiniz ödemek zorunda kalabilirsiniz.

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